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The Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Eternity Jewelry Co. Ltd., provides high quality diamond jewelry for wholesalers and retailers in Europe, Asia, the United States of America and Canada.   Since its establishment in 1999, Eternity Jewelry has earned the reputation as a trustworthy supplier of high quality and reasonably priced jewelry.


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To further propel its development, the Company also targets the mid-tier jewelry retail market by launching the new brand – “Vera”, positioned as a fashion jewelry brand for cosmopolitan ladies who are independent with strong fashion taste.

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In 2011, the Company has successfully expanded into the retail sector through acquisition of Larry Jewelry.  Founded in 1967, Larry Jewelry, one of the jewelry brands with the longest history in Hong Kong, is renowned for its unsurpassed mastery in jewelry designs and gem setting techniques.  Currently, its stores are located in prime locations in Hong Kong and Singapore to serve the most discerning customers.  Larry Jewelry has won numerous international and national awards for design and craftsmanship.  Riding on Larry Jewelry’s remarkable success in Hong Kong and Singapore, the Company is set to establish its foothold with this prestige Hong Kong brand in China.