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LJ Metas: Larry Jewelry Matters

A Legend of Fine Jewelry for more than Half a Century

Since 1967, Larry Jewelry has always excelled in creating remarkable jewelry collections by embracing its mastery in design, gem-setting technics, highest quality gemstones and rare diamonds.

Larry Jewelry’s mission is to encapsulates memorable emotions and feelings into artistic masterpieces for their highly discerning customers, many of whom have continued supporting and loving Larry Jewelry over the years, and considers Larry Jewelry as Asia’s King of Gemstones. Technics and technology always advances, and so has Larry Jewelry.

LJ Metaverse launches in 2022 to combine the best in craftsmanship and the latest in technology. You can explore this new world of LegendARRY series in the Metaverse, and enjoy the deep feelings extrapolating the vision and values of the Playful Panda Ring, the Butterfly Brooch, and the Peacock Pendant Set. A new era for artistic appreciation and the unlocked investment values for the next century begins today.

Prince Frog Pendant

 We all grew up with fairy tales, in particular the prince that had been turned to a frog and would only return to the charming self upon true love from a princess. Everyone deserves love. With true love, we become the best of each other and inspire everyone around us. Love is infectious indeed!

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Our designer has chanced upon this wonderful animal exhibiting his full glory in the suburbs of England during one of his summer breaks.

The peacock was kept by a neighbouring mansion and it often sat atop of the front porch’s roof top near the gates. The designer had to walk past these gates to go into town on his daily walks and everyday he tried to greet this peacock and beg him to open up his beautiful fan. Persistently he visited for a month and summer was about to come to a glorious close autumn leaves began to shower down upon the grounds. On that fateful day, the peacock exchanged an engaging stare with our designer and with the wink of an eye he extended his bushy tail and fanned it out to an incredible patterned display of art by nature at its best. The colours were vivaciously striking and the peacock was strutting around on the lawn, with his chest puffed up and made three turns as if he was a stallion parading after winning a horse race. Albeit the encounter was brief, our designer felt connected to nature more than he’s ever done. In his journal entry, he remarked this wonderful experience by stating as a note to himself: never give up or give in too easily, the best prizes are often waiting around the corner and indeed the best prize is always for the most faithful, persistent and prepared. Do not give up and stay the course.


This ever masterpiece was inspired by one of our designers who was strolling down the vineyard in Bordeaux and a magnificent butterfly landed on his shirt and accompanied him on his brisk morning walk. The designer wants to crystallise his feelings he had in the creation of this wonderful design as he praised nature for how an understated caterpillar which crawls along on the ground could become this mesmerising colour-filled butterfly that is adorning his crisp white shirt. He entered his journal remarking that in life sometimes we may have to stumble but with love, faith and hope we too can rise from the ground and be the most amazing version of ourselves far beyond our own imagination.

Playful BB Panda

The ring was inspired during the 2008 Summer Olympics.  The designer was invited to watch the opening ceremony in Beijing.  The scale of the logistics and organization was spectacular.  The designer wanted to capture this sensation of the remarkable achievement of China over the last 30 years with lightning transformation freeing hundreds of million of people from poverty. He thought about using the mystical dragon in a design to capture and enshrine this emotion but eventually chosen the giant panda to symbolize his feelings.
In his journal, he remarked that the giant panda is large in stature but gentle in demeanor.  The animal can enjoy a snooze most of the time but when awakes, it towers over most and displays magnificent strength.  What’s more intriguing is the inner strength chewing through hundreds of bamboo everyday at peace with herself, her surroundings and nature.  Human beings should also build up inner strength, be at peace with nature.  The mightiest strength is not physical but spiritual, emotional and intellectual.

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