About us​


Since its establishment in 1967, Larry Jewelry has never ceased to excel in creating remarkable one of a kind jewelry collections by embracing its unsurpassed mastery in jewelry design, meticulous gem-setting technique and by using only the highest-quality gemstones and diamonds. The brand’s jewelry is diversified into three series; Classic & Elegant, Cosmo, and Wedding & Gifts. Thus meeting all of Larry’s different customers’ unique tastes and to cater to the needs of diverse customer segments. Larry Jewelry has been a leader in the trend for fine jewelry in Asia for over half a century. 

The Brand

Truly a legend of fine jewelry.

The brand makes no compromise when it comes to the quality of the diamonds and gemstones used in realizing its exquisite jewelry creations.

Every piece Larry offers is of GIA standards. More so, every jewelry piece is handcrafted by veteran artisans, and all finished products have to go through strict quality control processes to guarantee optimal quality.


Brand Promise

Over the years, Larry Jewelry has never strayed from its brand DNA, by offering the best quality and professional service with the best reputation.

Larry’s philosophy is to offer gemstones of the highest quality, present customers with the most refined craftsmanship, and to provide the customers with diverse design.

Brand Essence

The core of LARRY JEWELRY is where we come from – Asia. Renowned for its heritage, stunning natural environment and distinct seasons.

From this we find three value words, that form the foundation of our branding;

1. One-of-a-kind,

2. Timeless,

3. Quality